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Amerado shares inspirational journey behind lastest song ‘Kwaku Ananse’



Ghanaian rapper, Amerado, has recently shared the extraordinary story behind his latest track, ‘Kwaku Ananse’.

According to him, the song’s inspiration stemmed from the O2 Arena saga, and his dream is to support his family.

In an engaging interview with Giovani and AJ Sarpong on #3FMDrive on Tuesday, September 12, Amerado was asked about the inspiration behind the song.

He candidly revealed that he didn’t write it down, as he’s not versed in the art of songwriting.

Instead, he creates music based on his emotions, producing sorrowful songs when he’s sad and upbeat tunes when he’s joyful.

Amerado added that he had prayed to God for a hit song every year, and he hoped this would be the one.

When queried about whether he had meticulously planned the song’s creation, Amerado responded with a remarkable revelation.

He unequivocally stated that the song’s emergence was not a result of meticulous planning but rather a “miracle”.

Amerado went on to disclose that, for the first time in his career, he humbly knelt down and fervently prayed, seeking God’s assistance in creating a hit song. This revelation underscored the profound connection between his faith and his music.

The rapper revealed that he recorded ‘Kwaku Ananse’ just a day before his journey to Kumasi.

As he drove to Kumasi, he tuned in to the song and felt its emotional impact deeply.

Currently, Amerado is actively promoting this latest masterpiece.

This revelation provides a unique insight into the spiritual and creative process of a rapper whose faith plays a pivotal role in his musical journey.

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