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Efya explains why she doesn’t perform with Wizkid on international platforms



In the wake of recent comments from artiste manager and entertainment pundit, Bullgod,regarding Ghanaian musicians R2Bees and Efya‘s relationship with Nigerian music star Wizkid, Efya has taken to Twitter to address the situation and shed light on the intricacies of performing on big stages.

According to the ‘Best In Me’ singer, performing on international stages involves various factors that may not always be apparent to the public. She also revealed that scheduling conflicts, prior commitments, and logistical constraints also made it challenging to accompany Wizkid on every single performance.

“When it comes to performing on big stages, there are various factors involved that people may not be aware of. Scheduling conflicts, prior commitments, and logistical constraints sometimes make it challenging to accompany Wizkid on every single performance. It doesn’t diminish my dedication or the fact that I have also played on countless international stages,” she tweeted.

She further explained,“As an artist, I have a multifaceted career that encompasses my own music, projects, and obligations. While I value my friendship and artistic connection with Wizkid, I also have my own aspirations and commitments in the music industry. It is essential to strike a balance and prioritize professional growth and individual endeavors.”

Efya also expressed her disheartenment at being ridiculed based on misunderstandings and assumptions by industry stakeholders and pundits

“It is disheartening to be ridiculed based on misunderstandings and assumptions. I hope this thread provides clarity and sheds light on the intricacies of the music industry. Let us focus on celebrating each other’s achievements rather than perpetuating unnecessary controversies,” the neo-singer added.

While Bullgod’s concerns were valid, Efya’s used her Twitter thread to offer insights into the challenges and considerations artistes like herself and R2Bees face when navigating their careers, especially on the international stage.

Meanwhile, Wizkid’s performance at the Tottenham Stadium has garnered significant attention, with reports praising the afrobeat star’s electrifying musical experience. The event also featured Ghana’s own King Promise, whose performance impressed the crowd.

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