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Ghanaians don’t appreciate creatives enough —Kumi Guitar



HIGHLIFE artiste Kumi Guitar claims one of the reasons GH musicians and creatives are unable to maintain their relevance in the industry for an extended period of time is because Ghanaians do not support and value them.

Kumi Guitar argued that Ghanaians lacked the zeal to support and were rather quick to talk down on the creativity of artistes in contrast to what pertained in other countries where even the least talented creatives receive enormous support and recognition.

The Betweener singer said in an interview with the Graphic Showbiz that the reason artistes in Ghana lose popularity over time is not because they are not working hard, but it is because the system and Ghanaians do not appreciate their talents.

“We don’t cherish our own. In other parts of the world, talents are treasured and held in high esteem because they want the rest of the world to know they have valuable creatives and that is why most times, these people feel they are better than us and continue to stay relevant for a long time,” he added.

According to Kumi Guitar, a Nigerian will never choose a Ghanaian musician over theirs. “But our people will most often choose others over their own and this contributes a great deal to why Naija artistes are always winning and making it big time.

“ In Nigeria, if you talk about 2Face in a bad way, they will come after you but here in Ghana, we have the likes of Agya Koo Nimo and other veterans but we hardly mention and appreciate them,” he opined.

He pleaded with relevant parties to put in place support structures to recognise the works, as well as provide some help for veteran creatives who have paid their dues to the creative sphere but are no longer actively engaged.

Away from that, Kumi Guitar, born Nana Yaw Kumi, also expressed concern over how certain musicians were inventing their own genre and calling it Afrobeats Highlife, adding that such a move would only spell doom for Ghana’s highlife music.

“What we are hearing lately is what some artistes call Afrobeats Highlife and it’s even laughable. What are we trying to do to our highlife genre? We can’t take such move. No!

“If we do, in the near future, the next generation may not even know anything about the real Ghanaian highlife. Our pacesetters defined highlife well and we must do all we can to preserve it for future generations”, he added.

Kumi Guitar, who has been off the music scene for some time, intends to make a comeback with a single for his fans and music enthusiasts by the end of this month.

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