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I almost fell for the pressure to bleach my skin – Adomaa



Musician Adomaa has revealed in a touching interview that she almost bleached her skin after feeling degraded about her complexion.

She revealed that these experiences were a significant cause that often times prompted her to bleach her skin in order to conform into the expected norms that have been set by “the new world order” that does not make room for dark skin.

Speaking in an interview with content creator Yaa Somuah, the singer admitted that despite growing up in a safe atmosphere, she began to have insecurities when she attended boarding school in Nigeria where she was frequently mocked for being dark skinned.

She said, “I used to hear statements like Oh you are so dark, oh my God the sun in Ghana, does it burn people. It made me feel very very insecure, I am not proud of it but there are times I actually attempted bleaching just to fit in”.

“I don’t think it is normal for any human being to live their lives where everybody is a part of every single thing that they are doing. The celebrity kingdom is not normal, I feel like everybody has vulnerable moments, has everyday lives and there are certain things you want to keep for yourself, there are certain things you allow yourself to be open to family, there is a version of yourself that you allow to be open to friends, there is layers to it but when you are in this spotlight you have no privacy and it is not normal.”

Despite her success in the music industry, Adomaa struggled with depression for a few years in the past but however overcame it, and she is progressively making efforts to shine.

Adomaa opens up about battle with depression

With a mashup of Stonebwoy’s Baafira in 2015, Adomaa, real name Onyuiyechukwu Adomaa Serwaa Adjeman, garnered some attention on the music scene.

At the time, there was a lot of excitement surrounding her abilities, and many were hailing her as the next great thing, but the buzz was unfounded and she went on a long break.

She has nonetheless made a comeback and intends to ‘rule the world’.

Adomaa is credited with songs such as Healing Blossoms, Real Time Love, Breaking Me Down is positive Becoming Adomaa will revive people’s faith in her abilities.

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