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KiDi urges to halt Ghana-Nigeria music comparisons



Ghanaian sensational music artist Kidi, has expressed his frustration over the incessant comparisons made between the Nigerian and Ghanaian music industries.

KiDi emphasizes that the extraordinary global and local achievements of Nigerian musicians should not be seen as a reflection of the Ghanaian music industry falling behind. He firmly believes that each country’s music industry possesses unique strengths, talents, and artistic flair.

In an interview with Pulse Ghana, the singer passionately called for an end to this conversation and comparison spirit, stating that it only brings negativity and embarrassment. He urges people to stop sounding bitter and refrain from bringing others down just to uplift someone else. Instead, he encourages embracing and empathizing with each other’s successes.

KiDi firmly believes that Ghanaian music has its distinctive identity and should be celebrated for its originality and creativity rather than being constantly measured against the success of another country’s music.

He passionately urges everyone to recognize and appreciate the incredible contributions and accomplishments of Ghanaian artists, who continuously enrich the cultural landscape and leave their mark on the global stage.

KiDi’s stance resonates with many in the industry who share the belief that comparing two distinct music scenes does not do justice to the rich diversity and creativity that each has to offer.

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