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Let us unite and build our own film studio – Majid Michel to colleagues



One of Ghana’s finest and most talented movie actors who is loved by all especially women, Majid Michel has proposed that all the industry players in the Ghanaian movie fraternity should come together in unison to build their studio to prevent certain challenges such as scouting for locations during film productions amongst others to end. He made this assertion on GTV’s breakfast show.

According to Majid, he said, “an industry is an economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials, and they are probably talking about a union”. “When we are going on set, we take ourselves there and that makes us the raw material, the writer puts in on a script and then to a screenplay. So we take that raw material and produce something out of it and that alone is an industry”, he added.

He continued by saying, “if another person does another movie it is another industry, so they are probably talking about that union that is all the industries coming together to build a studio and so Ghana does have an industry even if it is only one movie we have produced if anyone should come to Ghana and look for the movie industry, they will point to us”.

This comes at the back of a statement that was made by American filmmaker and actor Shelton Jackson, popularly known as Spike Lee after revealing that he never knew there was anything like the Ghana movie industry until he got to Ghana.

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