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Stephanie Benson weeps over ‘false’ reports of having had cosmetic surgery



Musician Stephanie Benson cried on social media while addressing reports that she had undergone cosmetic surgery- liposuction, recently.

The singer said not only are the reports untrue, but they made light of the life-threatening surgery she had to go through to remove her gallbladder after she fell seriously ill, in June 2022.

In a video shared on Instagram, Stephanie Benson said “I don’t get upset easily, you can sensationalise whatever headline, call me names, I don’t care. But for that particular surgery, I went down to 53 kilos and got really small, my family were worried.”

She added that, “it wasn’t body enhancement surgery. For them to minimise my near death situation and made it look like I had liposuction which I never had, is so disheartening.”

Stephanie Benson captioned her video thus, “My sadness is not out of anger, it’s just my pain revisited after Jon showed distaste for some headline he read this evening. I share my happiness with you all the time, but today pls allow me to share my sadness with you before I go to bed. I’ll be back to normal in no time.”

She said her husband sent her an article, upset that the author had claimed that she was hospitalised because of cosmetic surgery.

Mrs. Benson stated that the article reminded her of the pain and complications she went through. The musician added that her husband even considered suing the news portal that published the article.

In 2022, the 55-year-old mother-of-five announced she was undergoing a gall bladder removal process that was causing her serious discomfort.

She took her fans along every step of the way via posts on her social media pages, including the times when she lost significant weight, to the actual surgery process.

Stephanie Benson’s husband took over her social media pages, updating it per directions from the singer, with progress on the healing process.

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