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“We can’t sit on all these resources and always sit humbly in front of other foreigners asking for help – Sarkodie speaks on Ghana’s economic decline



Award-winning Ghanaian hip-hop artiste, Sarkodie, has spoken out on the government’s lack of discipline, bad leadership, corruption and nepotism in a series of fresh tweets.

Sarkodie who rarely speaks on topical social issues on social media, an action he’s been criticised for owing to his position as a leading voice in the entertainment industry, expressed his disappointment with the Ghanaian government for their failure to offer solutions to the myriad of issues faced by Ghanaians.

The “Land Lord” of Ghanaian music believes that Ghana has many talented and innovative individuals who can make something out of nothing with limited resources and sustain it for a long time.

He believes that these individuals deserve to be empowered to help the country grow and develop.

Sarkodie’s comments were made in response to a video analyzing why Ghana’s first president, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, was ousted from power.

The video highlights Nkrumah’s book, ‘Neo-Colonialism, the Last Stage of Imperialism,’ published in 1965, which discusses how foreign capital is used for exploitation rather than development in less developed parts of the world.

In the video, they also discuss how neo-colonialism breaks up formerly large united colonial territories into small non-viable states that rely on the former imperial power for defence and even internal security.

The “Biibi Ba” rapper also praised Nkrumah for his selflessness and called on current leaders to follow his examples. According to him, the everyday politician is only interested in fulfilling their political ambitions and not in building anything for the country.

“Typical politicians are trained not to build anything but just to fulfil political ambitions (just win power) … About time we check the track records of the leaders we give power to. The discipline, commitment, and resilience needed in a leader cannot be overlooked,” he tweeted

“We have a lot of great minds in this country who have proven in their own way how they can make something out of nothing with little resources and maintain it for a long period of time. Such people deserve to be empowered,” he pointed out

He urged Ghanaians to check the track records of the leaders they elect and to demand discipline, commitment, and resilience from them.

“We can’t sit on all these resources and always sit humbly in front of other foreigners (with not that much resources) asking for help. At this point we should be talking collaborations only and still maintain ownership (100%).

Sarkodie’s timely and relevant comments have been met with positive reviews and a few pushbacks from others as Ghana, like many other African countries, continues to grapple with issues of governance and development.

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