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Wendy Shay reveals enduring numerous spiritual assaults throughout her journey



Ghanaian Songstress Wendy Asiamah Addo, famously known as Wendy Shay, has candidly revealed that she has encountered spiritual challenges during her time as a musician in Ghana.

During her appearance on “The Day Show” with Bella Mundi, which aired on Tuesday, August 1, the “Heaven” hitmaker reflected on the spiritual attacks she had faced and the profound power of music.

Having grown up in Germany, Wendy Shay explained that she didn’t encounter such strong spiritual beliefs there. However, after coming to Ghana, she had to confront various spiritual challenges, which she considers a normal occurrence in many places. Wendy acknowledged that music itself possesses a certain spiritual essence, leading her to wonder what special force might be drawing people to watch her perform.

“There should be something beyond me that is actually making that happen,” she acknowledged, contemplating the mysterious attraction of music.

Despite the challenges, Wendy Shay believes that these experiences have been crucial for her personal growth as well as her development as a musician. They have helped her understand her true self and her purpose, allowing her to live a purpose-driven life.

“I always knew I wanted to do music, but knowing your purpose and truly living a purpose-driven life is different. It is different. And that is who I am right now—living very purposefully and being mindful of everything I do,” she concluded.

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