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‘You need gays to excel in Hollywood’ – Actor David Osei recalls what a Hollywood producer told him



Actor Prince David Osei has said members of the LGBTQIA+ have filled up the Hollywood industry.

Speaking in an interview on Accra FM, the actor recalled his encounter with one Hollywood producer who tried to make advances towards him.

He said these gays make promises to advance acting careers in the Hollywood industry provided you succumb to their sexual advances.

According to him, his encounter turned him off and is the reason he has not yet featured in any Hollywood movie.

“Some of the people I met that were in the business, some of them were on the other side. And I’m a very straight person.

“From conversations, you notice they are on a totally different path from mine, and so I told them to take their Hollywood. I’m not interested.

“It discouraged me because that was what I saw from the very beginning. Those were the people all over anytime we went for priemere and Q&As after the movies,” the actor disclosed.

Recalling a time in Los Angeles at a drink up where one Mexican Latino complimented on his physique and later touched him inappropriately in a crowd.

“At a point he [Mexican Latino] put his hand on my shoulder but I didn’t read much into it. But later, when the place got crowded, I felt someone press my bottom. Reflexively, I turn around and punched him. When that happened, they all asked: ‘What’s going on? And I said ‘he just touched my bum’. They started laughing,” he said adding that their reaction upset him.

“I told them: No, you don’t touch me inappropriately,” he stressed.

“After a while, the guy who touched me pulled aside and told me, ‘Well, if you really want to excel here, you need people like me. You need people like us. We run the show here.”

“I got that into my head,” David Osei said. The actor noted that when he returned to his hotel, he told himself, “I can’t pay this price. No, it is not worth it.”

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