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Why Easter celebration is big in Kwahu



The commemoration of Easter as a Christian festival began from 1876 when Ramseyer and other Basel missionaries came to Ghana and established the Presbyterian Church.

Before then, all the Kwahu communities had their traditions and annual festivals.

However, Easter was accepted and adopted by the communities when members understood the scriptures, got converted to Christianity and stopped consulting Atia Yaw, a traditional priest whose shrine was in Nkwatia Kwahu in the Kwahu East District.

The missionaries, who pitched camp at Kwahu Abetifi, also had to contend with deities such as Tigari, and history has it that there were several encounters between the missionaries and deities with their chief priests until Christianity became entrenched on the Kwahu ridge, and Easter, among other Christian festivities, became accepted by the larger society.

Since then (147 years ago), Easter has become synonymous with the Kwahus, and indigenes from both far and near make it a duty to return home during the period.

Why Easter was adopted

Delving into the adoption of Easter by the Kwahus, a retired teacher, Philip Asiama Opoku, popularly known as Professor Akasanoma, said the real name of Easter, according to the holy scriptures, is Passover.

“It is this same Passover that Jesus and his family partook in and on the eve of the death of Jesus Christ he ate the last supper with his disciples.

“Easter signifies that we are mourning Jesus Christ and Kwahus, by adopting it, are saying ‘we can hold a befitting funeral for Jesus’,” he told the Daily Graphic.

He recalled that even as a child, Kwahus marked Easter, which was referred to as the passion of Christ (Yesu Amanehunu), to wit ‘the suffering of Christ’.

“And we always said we were going to mark the suffering of Jesus Christ, so it is the funeral of Christ that we hold every year,” Mr Opoku stated.


The Chief of Obomeng, Od33fuo Nana Effah Opinamang III, however, said: “Easter is a period during which the indigenes, who have travelled, come home to support ongoing projects.

“There are not many jobs here so many citizens have travelled to other towns and cities to work so we urge them to come home this Easter period and support projects.”

Another reason for marking Easter on the Kwahu ridge, apart from merrymaking, is to afford people who have put up houses the opportunity to open them.

“It is an opportunity to know our citizens so that if there is a need for support in any developmental projects, we can fall on them,” he said.

Nonetheless, over the years, the Kwahu Easter festivities have come to be mostly associated with merrymaking, with many artistes flocking the ridge to perform at one concert or the other.

They have included Ghanaian musicians such as Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede, Lord Kenya, Nana Tuffour, Ofori Amponsah, Slim Busterr, Kwabena Kwabena, Nana Agyeman, Batman, K. K. Fosu and Kofi Nti.

Others are Daasebre Dwamena, Stone Bwoy, Kofi B, Guru, Pop Skinny, Castro, Nhyiraba Kojo, Kofi Kinata, Kuami Eugene, Shatta Wale, Bisa Kdei, Samini and Sarkodie, among other popular Ghanaian musicians.


Also recounting how the Kwahu Easter came into being, the Odikro of Demuni, Owusu Nyami, said: “History tells us that some time ago, Jesus and his family were going to their town for a census, which was a festival they attended regularly.

“So, we took something from that occurrence and the elders realised that our children who were scattered everywhere must also come home every year.

“For some people, if it were not for the annual festival, they would never come home so we chose this period for all our sons and daughters to come home.

If we come together like this, it makes people who hail from here get to know one another.”

He added that it gave people the chance to see indigenes who were visiting for the first time and expressed interest in marrying them, the opportunity to approach their families to seek their hand in marriage.

“It was gradual when it started – every year we visited so it was decided to institutionalise it.

During those times, whenever we gathered, we invited popular musicians then, such as C.K. Mann, so that we would not just come home but there would also be an aspect of entertainment.”

“In that way, whoever visited every year got the chance to meet family and old friends and also make merry and that is what has persisted till today.

So, when the occasion arrives, we tell all indigenes about developments home so that those who are doing well can support,” he added.


In terms of proposed and ongoing projects, Nana Opinamang III disclosed at the meeting with the Daily Graphic team that a new durbar ground had been proposed, work on which was yet to take off and asked sons and daughters to offer support when work started on it.

He said a kindergarten had also been established. “Obomeng stretches to Nkawkaw and Pankese and the villages under Obomeng are more than 16. We have set aside a plot of land for a police station at Wawase, and the community will join hands with the assembly to put it up to reduce crime rate,” he said.

Another plan is to build a new market at Abepotia to help all those who go to Akyem.

Urging cleanliness during the Easter festivities, Nana Opinamang stated: “If we are indeed the cleanest town then we are asking for an incinerator so that we can easily burn our waste and generate power.

We can do with some assistance from some non-governmental organisations and “Whoever cuts a tree should plant 10 in their place so that we preserve the environment.”

In spite of the advertisement of the Kwahu Easter being largely absent from the airwaves this year, indigenes, as well as guests, are sure to troop to the ridge this weekend, thus bringing about the legendary traffic jams on the entire stretch from Nkawkaw to Obomeng, the centre of all the celebration each year.

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10 ways women hurt men knowingly



Men, if you think you’ve got women all figured out, prepare for some surprises. Women are complex beings, and they can be quite unpredictable.

The person you think you know today may not be the same person you see tomorrow; and that’s just the way it is.

Women crave attention, love, and lots of it. They want to feel noticed and appreciated all the time. If you slip up on this even once, then you’re calling for trouble.

While some women may unintentionally do things that hurt their partners, others plan to do so deliberately. They set out to hurt your feelings and disrupt your life.

Here are 10 intentional things women do to hurt their men:

1. Complaining despite an honest effort

One way some women intentionally hurt their men is by complaining when their partners are genuinely making an effort.

This is often done to annoy or provoke a reaction. It may stem from a desire for more attention or a way to assert control within the relationship.

2. Not being present in the present moments

Frequently using a phone or being distracted when on a date is a behaviour that can hurt a man’s feelings.

It communicates a lack of interest or attentiveness, potentially causing emotional pain or frustration.

Some women would rather do this than tell the man she’s not interested.

3. Withholding compliments

Some women refrain from offering compliments even when their partners genuinely deserve them.

This can be a way to undermine a man’s self-esteem or keep him seeking validation, thus asserting a sense of power.

4. Not initiating intimacy

Intentionally avoiding initiating intimacy, especially when aware of their partner’s desires, can be a way to control the emotional dynamics in the relationship.

This may create a sense of longing and frustration in the man.

5. Hiding things, like food

Hiding things, such as food, can be a manipulative tactic used to gain financial advantage.

By creating a situation where the man believes there is scarcity, some women may attempt to extract more money from him.

6. Setting him up for trouble

In some extreme cases, women may resort to involving others, such as authorities or gangs, to harm their partners as a form of punishment or to ‘teach them a lesson.

This action can have severe consequences for all parties involved.

7. Taking everything when separating

A common occurrence, especially in urban settings, is when a woman packs up everything in the house and leaves the home without notice.

This act is often intended to leave the man feeling helpless, confused, and emotionally devastated.

8. Leaving a young child behind

In moments of intense disagreement, some women may leave a very young child, perhaps a month or two old, with their partner.

This act aims to assert control or inflict emotional pain, suggesting that the man needs her more than he thinks.

9. Taking all the children away

Without proper communication, some women may abruptly take all the children and leave, making it difficult for the man to maintain a relationship with his kids.

This action is intended to exert power and control over the situation.

10. Disrespect in front of friends

In the company of friends, some individuals may intentionally disrespect their partners.

This could be a way of seeking validation from friends, gaining support for their perspective, or demonstrating control over the relationship.

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‘Smoking shisha can cause breast cancer’ – Doctor cautions



Popular doctor, Dr. Aproko, has issued precautions to women who are fond of smoking shisha.

Dr. Aproko has stressed that contrary to popular belief that shisha soothes one’s mood, it can have major health implications on individuals, particularly, women.

According to him, the use of Shisha may cause cell distortions in the body, raising the chance of cancer-causing mutations.

He argues that these flavors frequently contain chemicals that are harmful to one’s body.

Tackling other health concerns including obesity, Aproko Doctor also advised that walking is a successful and healthy method of losing weight.

He has asked individuals to walk instead of taking buses or cars because regular, long walks can aid in weight loss.

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#NoBraDay-What is its significance?



October 13th is celebrated annually as National ‘No Bra Day’ in a bid to promote body positivity and breast cancer awareness.

What began as a social media campaign to promote self-love has transformed into a meaningful movement urging women to go braless for the day, emphasising the importance of breast cancer education, self-examination, and preventive measures.

Originally observed on July 9, 2011, National No Bra Day has found its permanent home on October 13 to align with Breast Cancer Month. This observance serves as a reminder for women to prioritize their breast health and engage in conversations about early detection and prevention.

The core mission of No Bra Day is to create awareness surrounding breast cancer, fostering a culture of understanding and support.

Women are encouraged to embrace the day by forgoing bras, sparking conversations about breast health, and advocating for regular self-examinations and screenings.

Breast cancer remains a significant global health concern, and initiatives like National No Bra Day play a crucial role in educating and empowering individuals.

By leveraging the power of social media and community participation, this movement continues to gain traction each year, amplifying its impact on breast cancer awareness.

National No Bra Day collectively contributes to the ongoing dialogue about breast health through shared experiences and open conversations with the aim to break down stigmas, encourage early detection, and support those affected by breast cancer.

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