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Why you need to let it hurt and then let it go



Have you ever been through a time in your life when you felt hurt so badly that you thought the world was ending? 

After that, your feelings have changed. You were hurt beyond belief, and you no longer wanted to smile because life seemed so bleak. You no longer wanted to go outside. All you wanted to do was stay inside and lie in bed. You felt tears dripping down your face. And you didn’t know what to do next. 

Do I just keep my feelings to myself? you wonder. Or should I tell someone about them? 

In life, we all hit rock bottom. 

We don’t see it coming, but eventually, something happens that makes us hurt and want to hide in the corner. 

We feel that the events have accumulated like a snowball; one bad situation just started to create another. And we simply found that too overwhelming. We feel that we put so much effort towards something that didn’t matter in the end. 

These feelings are valid because we always want to see progress. 

We set high expectations and goals for ourselves, hoping they come true. But when something carries our progress astray, we don’t know how to recover from it. 

So, we feel devastated about the work we put into the progress. After all, regardless of how hard we worked, nothing ended up working out for us. 

But there’s a saying that when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. 

This means that if you reach the lowest point in your life, there is no way that something worse can happen. Only better things will happen from that point on. 

If you know what has dragged you down previously, you can now focus on eliminating those habits or behaviors. You can shift your goals towards personal growth by becoming someone better than you were the day before. 

Instead of looking down, you now have the chance to look up. 

Hitting rock bottom can tell you that your old ways don’t work. You can start trying something new and focus on developing that specific skill. Maybe something else suits you better, and you didn’t realize it until now. 

So when challenging moments do happen, let them hurt at first. 

Reminisce about the good times and let out your emotions. Cry for however long you want, and vent about anything that bothers you. But whatever you do, don’t keep your emotions bottled up. 

And once you finish crying, let it all go. 

You’re no longer the same person, and you’re being led on a new path by the universe. 

It may feel scary at first, but once you start the process, you’ll never look back. You’ll just keep focusing on the new path and forget about the old one. The new you will never be the old you. 

Let it go because you’ll always travel into the unknown.

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