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Flute Charity Foundation’s Sixth Act of Kindness Illuminates Kokobriko D/A Junior High School



In the heart of Bosomtwe, Ghana, Kokobriko D/A Junior High School welcomed a ray of generosity on February 16, 2024. The Flute Charity Foundation orchestrated their sixth benevolent act, led by the compassionate vice president, Miss Nana Abena Bempomah Asante.

The focus of this impactful donation was Menstrual Awareness. Godbless Owusu Adjei, the deputy Public Relations Officer, engaged the eager students in a crucial discussion about menstrual hygiene, emphasizing the importance of self-care and protection against diseases.

Vice President, Miss Nana Abena Bempomah Asante and Our Chaplain Esther Akoto Ansah taught the girls how to use these menstrual products on themselves. The air was filled with inspiration as the students absorbed these invaluable lessons.


Afterwards, the foundation members gathered to meet the headmaster and teachers, extending their gratitude through special presentations. The true essence of generosity unfolded as the foundation distributed not only sanitary pads but also a trove of school supplies, including customized flute exercise books, notebooks, pens, chalk, and more.

The school premises buzzed with elation as the students’ faces lit up with joy. The Flute Charity Foundation didn’t just stop at the essentials; they also shared foodstuff, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of both pupils and staff.


A harmonious atmosphere lingered as foundation members engaged in playful interactions with the students. Laughter echoed through the school grounds, creating memories that would resonate for a lifetime. As the day concluded, the foundation members shared a moment of camaraderie, reflecting on the impact they had collectively made.

With hearts full of fulfillment, the Flute Charity Foundation departed to their respective homes, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and empowerment in the corridors of Kokobriko D/A Junior High School.

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