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My boss is seriously chopping my backside after promising me expensive gifts – Accra guy laments



I am a young man who was assigned to a prestigious organization in Accra for my National Service.

At first, my work experience was typical, but little did I know that my life would soon be forever changed.

My boss, a prominent figure in Ghana, began taking a keen interest in me, and I initially thought nothing of it.

However, I have always been well-endowed, earning me the moniker “BolaDk” in high school. Thus, my boss’s affections towards me were not entirely unexpected.

Throughout my academic pursuits, I had acquired a reputation as a Casanova, enjoying relationships with several women who fawned over me.

Nevertheless, I have always been steadfast in my heterosexuality and had no interest in pursuing relationships with men.

However, my boss began showering me with gifts and even gifted me a brand new laptop and money. Alas, I did not suspect anything until he proposed to me one day, complete with a ring.

Although I rebuffed his advances at first, his persistent and persuasive nature ultimately turned me to his side.

My boss promised me opulence and luxury. Still, I never expected that my lifestyle change would consequently lead to an addiction to homosexuality.

Moreover, I discovered that my boss was privy to the queer community and was well-connected in the scene.

Despite leading a double life and struggling with my sëxual identity, I tried to maintain some semblance of normality by continuing to see women.

However, as I realized that my attraction to men had taken over my life, I became infatuated with my boss and quickly became fully immersed in the gay lifestyle.
My boss became more than just a lover and partner—he became my soulmate.

He doted on me continually, providing me with a vehicle and even quadrupling my salary after my service. We went on excursions both locally and abroad, and I met various other members of the queer community.

All of this proves what I now know to be true: gayism is a deeply addictive lifestyle. Although my boss has hinted that his orientation was innate and something he could not change, I cannot help but wonder how my life might have turned out had I never met him.

However, I fear leaving him as he has become so integral to my life that I worry for my safety should I ever try to part ways.

In conclusion, my experience shows that anyone can become a part of the queer community and that gayism is not something to be taken lightly. No one should ever think that they won’t be affected by the addictive nature of this lifestyle.

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