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15,000 names of minors and foreigners removed from voters register – Jean Mensa



Jean Mensa, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, has revealed that a review committee established by the Commission has successfully removed the names of 15,000 minors and foreigners from the voters register.

This effort was undertaken as part of the Commission’s commitment to ensuring a credible and transparent electoral process.

The review committee’s work was prompted by the Commission’s experiences during the 2020 elections. Following that election, the Commission recognized the need to enhance the integrity of the voters register by addressing issues such as the inclusion of ineligible names.

Jean Mensa highlighted that the presence of minors and foreigners on the voters register was a concern, and the Commission took steps to address this issue. District Registration Review Committees were established to identify and remove such names. Through this process, around 40,000 names were challenged, and eventually, 15,000 names of minors and foreigners were removed from the register.

Mensa further emphasized the importance of a credible voters register for ensuring credible elections. She also mentioned the Commission’s proposal to use the Ghana Card as the sole identification document for voter registration, aiming to enhance the accuracy and legitimacy of the voters register.

The efforts to improve the integrity of the voters register and the commitment to transparent electoral processes reflect the Commission’s dedication to upholding the democratic principles of fair and free elections in Ghana.

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