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Automated Premix Fuel Dispensing and Monitoring System launched



Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has commissioned the Automated Premix Fuel Dispensing and Monitoring System.

The groundbreaking project promises to transform the supply and distribution of premix fuel in Ghana and is expected to take the management of premix fuel to the next level, revolutionising the operations of fisher folk and boosting the sector’s overall productivity.

The system represents a major leap forward in the government’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and transparency in the premix fuel supply chain.

Designed to complement existing strategies such as the Canoe Identification System (CIS), this state-of-the-art system aims to address the challenges associated with the allocation, distribution, and sale of premix fuel.

The Automated Premix Fuel Dispensing and Monitoring System is comprised of cutting-edge technology, including dispensing control units, fuel level sensors, card utilization systems for authorization and access, and web and mobile applications for monitoring and generating reports.

This comprehensive infrastructure ensures efficient tracking, transparent transactions, and accurate data collection, providing a strong foundation for the optimization of premix fuel distribution.

According to the administrator of the National Premix Fuel Secretariat, Nana Abrokwa Asare “the premix fuel automation project represents a significant step forward in our commitment to creating a level playing field for all stakeholders involved in the fishing industry.”

“By implementing this advanced technology, we are effectively removing the loopholes that unscrupulous individuals have exploited in the past, thus promoting fairness, accountability, and sustainability. One of the key objectives of the automation system is to eradicate hoarding, which has been a persistent challenge in the premix fuel supply chain.”

“Hoarding not only creates artificial scarcity but also drives up prices, placing an unfair burden on our hardworking fisher folk. Recognizing this issue, the government has taken decisive action to ensure that premix fuel reaches its intended recipients promptly and without undue delay,” he noted.

For his part, Chairman of the National Premix Fuel Committee, Dennis Percyval Quaicoe said: “I am thrilled to witness the launch of this groundbreaking system. Our journey to this moment has been a testament to dedication and collaboration.”

“This initiative will revolutionize how we supply and distribute premix fuel, ensuring fairness, accountability, and progress. Together, we embark on a new era for our fishing industry.”

The project’s pilot phase, which was successfully launched at Nungua, Accra in December 2019, showcased a myriad of benefits that stakeholders eagerly anticipate experiencing on a nationwide scale. Fisher folk and suppliers will now have access to easy payment methods, eliminating the need for cash transactions and streamlining the process for all parties involved.

Real-time monitoring of fuel levels and transactions enables effective tracking of premix fuel from its point of supply to its final destination. The transparency and accountability fostered by the system will help tackle longstanding challenges such as prolonged waiting times, low customer satisfaction, and rush hour difficulties.

Furthermore, the system’s payment flexibility ensures that fisher folk can access fuel through various authorized payment methods, increasing accessibility and convenience.

The Automated Premix Fuel Dispensing and Monitoring System is not only a technological advancement but also a game-changer in terms of trust and transparency within the supply chain.

By providing a comprehensive overview of the distribution process, it instils confidence in both suppliers and consumers, reducing the potential for fraud, diversion, and other illegal activities.

This commitment to fighting illegalities in the premix supply chain aligns with the government’s dedication to ensuring a fair and sustainable fishing industry.

With the imminent nationwide rollout of this cutting-edge system, the government acknowledges the indispensable role of stakeholders in its success.

Fuel suppliers, fisher associations, government agencies, and technology providers are actively collaborating to ensure a seamless transition and the smooth operation of the system.

The commissioning of the Automated Premix Fuel Dispensing and Monitoring System by Vice President Dr Bawumia signifies the government’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing Ghana’s fishing industry.

This transformative project will elevate the efficiency, transparency, and accountability of premix fuel distribution, supporting the sustainable growth and development of the sector.

As Ghana anticipates the dawn of a new era in the management of premix fuel, all eyes turn to the upcoming commissioning ceremony. The fishing industry eagerly awaits the opportunities and advancements that this pioneering project will bring, propelling Ghana’s fisheries sector to greater heights.

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