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Court injuncts Ga Manye’s funera



The funeral rite of the late Ga Manye, Naa Dedei Omaedru III has been injuncted.

The Ga Manye died in December 2022. The funeral was supposed to be held this weekend.

But per the court order, organizers of the funeral are to be restrained from going ahead with the funeral for the next ten days.

The court order reads: “It is hereby ORDERED Defendants/Respondents or the Funeral Committee chaired by Nii Otintor II, all members of the committee, their privies, workmen, assigns and all persons working through them are restrained from handling, organizing, touching performing or dealing with the remained of the Late Queen Mother, Naa Dedei Omaedru III in any manner for a period of ten (10) days”.

The plaintiffs in the case are: Nuumo Emmanuel T. Antia We, Head of the Antie We of Kpone, Nii Addey Oba-Aasaa II, Ankobea of Antie We of Kpone, Shippi Antie I, Saduase Shippi Kpone, Charles Nii Kotey Kotey, Head of Naa Dedei Omaedru We Family of Faase, Accra, Asafoatse Nii Kotey Ga II, Oseahene of Ga Manye Stool and Principal Elder of the Naa Dedei Omaedru We of Faase Accra, Michael Nii Ofei Danso of unnumbered House Accra, Principal Elder of Naa Dedei Omaedru We of Faase Accra and Naa Yomofio, Linguist of Ga Manye Naa Dedei Omaedru We.

As part of the organization of the funeral, the Ga Traditional Council had directed that offices and businesses be closed only on Saturday, October 28.

“This is an amendment to our previous notice of 4th September 2023. The Ga Traditional Council has determined that shops and markets within Accra should be closed on Saturday, the 28th of October 2023 only and not from the 26th of October to the 29th of October 2023 to the 31st of October 2023 as previously announced,” the council said in the new statement.

“In addition, it is required that all markets, shops and offices in Accra should be draped in red and black, our mourning colours from the 15th October to the 31st October 2023. We respectfully urge everyone to comply fully with this announcement,” the statement further urged the public’s full cooperation.

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