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Military killings becoming a security threat – Nunoo Mensah



A former National Security advisor, Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah, says the persistent killings of civilians by the military is becoming a security threat.

The comment follows what the military termed neutralization of persons who exchanged gunfire with them. The incident resulted in the death of three residents of Bawku through a shootout with soldiers who have been sent there to keep the peace following the renewal of the chieftaincy conflict in the area.

It would be recalled that news emerged on Thursday the 19th of January 2024 that some three residents were killed by soldiers on the 18th of January, the night before. The military has denied killing the residents.

It said that the death of the three men followed an exchange of gunfire at Sabon­gari at 8:30pm that day, adding that the offi­cers involved were conducting night foot patrols around Hasania School, when four gunmen opened fire at them.

“It is worth mentioning that at about 2030 hrs same day, own troops conducting night foot patrols around Hasania School at Sabongari were fired upon by 4 gunmen. The troops returned fire spontaneously neutralizing 3 of the assailants. The fourth suspect managed to escape”; the statement said.

The Armed Forces further stated in its release that “It is instructive to note that directly engaging the military is a development that could result in fatal consequences; as troops will spare no opportunity to defend themselves as well as protect residents of Bawku. Therefore, factions in the Bawku conflict are cautioned against drawing the military into direct armed confrontation while efforts are undertaken to resolve the current impasse.”

Commenting on this in an exclusive interview with TV3’s Beatrice Adu, Brig General Nunoo Mensah who was previously also a Chief of Defence Staff said that the killings were as a result of indiscipline in the military which is as a result of the personnel being recruited from “a rotten society.”

“If Ghana is rotten, the military will be; that rot will also infect the military….who we are recruiting into the army come from the public. What do you expect?” he queried.

Asked whether he saw the frequent killings of civilians as a security threat, the Brigadier General affirmed that the issue has become a security threat.

“It is a security threat….you see someday…., it doesn’t have to be the military to cause mayhem in our country…..some individual, he may not be a military man will in response to all these violence would say that enough is enough,” he warned.

Probed whether Ghana was inching closer to that, the former security advisor said the signs are already in our communities.

Meanwhile, the interior Ministry has reviewed the curfew on Bawku. In a statement, the Interior Minister Ambrose Derry confirmed that the curfew hours had been reviewed from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am to 6:00 pm to 6:00 am effective today, Thursday, January 25, 2024.

The statement further said, ‘’Government calls on the Chiefs, Elders, Opinion Leaders, Youth and people of the area to exercise restraint in the face of the challenges confronting them as well as to use non-violent means to channel their energies into ensuring peace.

Meanwhile, there is a total ban on all persons in the Bawku Municipality and its environs from carrying arms, ammunition or any offensive weapons and any persons found with any arms or ammunition will be arrested and prosecuted”.

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