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Motorway tunnel: Highway Authority starts stolen bolts replacement



Workers from the Bridge Maintenance Unit of the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) last Saturday started replacing the bolts holding the corrugated metals in the tunnel that connects Tema Community 18 to Borteyman.

The replacement is to prevent the bridge which lies beneath the Accra Motorway from collapsing, following the theft of about 1,400 of the 2,000 bolts holding the bridge to the motorway concrete.

The stealing incident was discovered recently following an assessment on the bridge which showed signs of imminent danger.

The assessment found the missing bolts to have also compromised the structural integrity of the bridge, making it susceptible to collapse if not repaired immediately.

The tunnel was closed to traffic last Saturday to allow for the replacement of the bolts.

The Principal Engineer at the Bridge Division of GHA, Aaron Nana Amponsah, told the Daily Graphic yesterday at the tunnel that the missing bolts were essential for holding the bridge together and pointed out that the collapse of the bridge could divide the motorway into two, thereby cutting Accra from Tema.

The tunnel has recently experienced severe vibration due to the heavy axle loads on the motorway.

Officials say the vibration had further weakened the structure of the tunnel.

Similarly, some blocked watercourses have caused floodwaters to form a pool around the bridge, also affecting its basin.

To avoid future theft of the bolts, Mr Amponsah said the new ones were being welded to the corrugated metals, so as to make them firm and hence difficult to remove.

“We have also done concrete works around the bridge basin to prevent water from pooling there; the watercourses have been diverted into a nearby storm drain,” Mr Amponsah said.

A Deputy Minister of Roads and Highways, Stephen Jalulah, who inspected the tunnel last Wednesday prior to the commencement of work, lamented the damage caused to the corrugated metal by the alleged thieves.

Mr Amponsah gave an assurance that the work would be completed by midnight of today to allow for the tunnel to be opened to traffic. 

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7 fishermen missing in boat accident at Ada



The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) in Ada has confirmed that seven fishermen are missing after two fishing boats capsized in the estuary while trying to enter the Volta River on Thursday, September 14.

NADMO says 12 of the fishermen have been rescued, while a search team is still combing the area for the missing seven.

According to Ebenezer Dan-Doe, Public Relations Officer of the Ada East NADMO, the two boats, Shalorm and Barcelona, were carrying a total of 19 fishermen when they capsized.

“These two fishing boats went fishing and they were coming back when they met a tidal wave and the two boats capsized,” Dan-Doe said. “The name of the first boat is Shalorm and we got to know that there were eleven people on board. We have seen ten and one is missing. We have also seen the boat, which is damaged.”

“With the issue of the second boat, we got to know that eight were on board. Two have been found and six are missing. NADMO, the Navy, and the community search team are still searching for the missing fishermen.”

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No herbal medicine has been approved for Prostate Cancer – Public cautioned



A Doctor at the Urology Department at Korle-Bu, Dr Daniel Asiedu has cautioned the public that no traditional or herbal medicine has been approved for the treatment of prostate cancer.

He bemoaned the increasing rate at which people are roaming the streets with various herbal medicines believed to cure or prevent prostate cancer.

“They have PA systems with loud speakers that they play and anytime I meet them, the kind of information they are giving out to the public, I sometimes want to scream from my car that they are lying.

“They are giving out wrong information to the public. No herbal or traditional medicine has been identified or approved to cure or prevent prostate cancer,” he stated.

Dr Asiedu was speaking at the launch of a Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign in Accra.

He advised men who encounter urinary issues to immediately seek assistance from a medical facility for early check-up and treatment.

He also urged them to frequently take prostate cancer tests for early diagnosis and treatment, noting that African men have a high risk of developing prostate cancer during their lifetime.

Prostate cancer occurs in the prostate glands of men typically above the age of 55. Symptoms may include trouble urinating, blood in semen or urine, erectile dysfunction, bone pain, and weight loss. 

Much like any other cancerous disease, when not diagnosed in its early stages it spreads in the joints and bones and leads to death.  


To help address this critical health issue of prostate cancer, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and Bayer AG have initiated a campaign titled ‘Real Men ACT, which expresses a call to action that stands for A- awareness of risks and symptoms, C- check for cancer, and T- receive treatment.

The aim of the campaign is to transform the landscape of prostate cancer detection and treatment in the country. 

The campaign will start with eight strategically chosen districts within Accra. The districts are Accra metropolitan, Ayawaso East, Weija-Gbawe, Ga West, Shai Osudoku, Ashiaman, Kpone Katamanso, and Lekma. 

The Initiative encompasses an array of activities with Reggie Rockstone as its campaign ambassador. 

There will be community engagements, workshops, and health discussions on various media platforms. 

The multi-pronged approach of the campaign ensures that it reaches a wide cross-section of the population, aiming to spread knowledge about prostate cancer symptoms, its risk factors, dispel myths and misinformation on the disease, encourage early screenings and testing, and generally foster a culture of regular checkups. 

Baseline study 

Also speaking at the launch, the Team Lead, Holger Till, said after a baseline study in selected districts, it became evident that there was a general lack of appreciation for the risk factors as well as the benefits of early diagnosis of the disease.

He said the campaign therefore aims to raise awareness on the issue of prostate cancer and conscientise men as primary targets to prioritise and make informed decisions about their health.

“By doing this, we hope men’s health will be at the forefront of health in the region, because let’s face it, for the longest time, women’s health has been the focus with advocacy centering on breast and cervical cancers,” he pointed out.

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Morocco to help rebuild 50,000 quake-damaged homes



The Moroccan authorities have announced plans to fund the rebuilding of about 50,000 homes damaged by last week’s earthquake.

They will provide more than $13,000 for the reconstruction of homes which have been completely destroyed, and $8,000 for those with partial damage.

Residents will meanwhile be given temporary shelters equipped to withstand cold weather, and each household will receive a grant of $3,000.

The exact number of people left homeless is still not known.

Nearly 3,000 people have been confirmed dead, and more than 5,000 injured in the 6.8 magnitude quake.

Eye witness to any social issue, occurance or any form of information you would like to share, kindly send via Email : or WhatsApp : 0553506856 / 0246319949
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