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Teachers will have new Independence Day after 7th January – Mahama assures on the review of free shs



Former President Mahama has reiterated his resolve to review the free Senior High School(SHS) programme.


According to him, the implementation challenges being experienced, need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Citing the stress imposed on teachers as a result of the policy Mr Mahama said, “when we had a trimester system, the teachers used to have a break to be able to mark their papers, take a rest , write their curriculum for the next term before the children come and then they start teaching. Now the teachers have no break when these ones are coming, these ones are going, now it’s ‘basaaaa’. You don’t know who goes where and who goes where”.

Speaking at a town hall meeting with representatives of labour unions at the Great Hall of the KNUST in Kumasi, the flagbearer of the NDC said it is for this reason that he has determined to engage stakeholders for a review of the policy.

“And so, if I say teachers come, headmasters come, parents come, educational experts come, GEScome, all of you come and let’s see how we to resolve this problem, does that mean cancellation?

And you all know these things but if you say it, they will come after you, so you are all quiet” he stated.


“So, I’m saying that one of the things this election is going to do when the NDC comes is a new independent day for teachers. You will hear the things they will say. After 7th January, the headmaster we couldn’t call to come here and speak, he will be freed, his chain would have been removed and you will hear the things they will say. For now, hold your peace, I know if you talk, they will transfer you to Bunkpurugu, Bole or somewhere,” ex-President Mahama noted.

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