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Bawumia is a unifier, the right man to lead Ghana – Nasara Coordinator



“Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has sold himself and bought by the grassroots of the people, the middle class and the top echelon of the New Patriotic Party (NPP)”, These are the exact words of the Nasara Coordinator who also doubles as a Coordinator of the DMB campaign team in the Ashanti Region, Saalim Bamba when he spoke to Broadcast Journalist, Julius Caesar Anadem on the Ultimate FM morning show touting the appeal and acceptability levels of the Vice President among the rank and file of the party.

He has further described Dr Bawumia’s emergence onto the Ghanaian political scene and his unique quality of associating with all religious groupings as a sign of a true unifier deserving of becoming President and further cementing the religious tolerance that exists in Ghana.

 “If there is any single individual who has brought about religious tolerance and has united the Christian and Muslim community in Ghana, then that is Dr. Bawumia”

 “I have not seen any political figure, in the history of this country, who has been able to do that. He jells very well with the Christian community and he is a practiicng Muslim, Indeed what he does is indoctrinated, if you are a real Muslim there is no point in creating a huge gap, between yourself and the Christians” he said. 

 “Nobody can tell me that, when there is disunity between the Christian community and the Muslim community, there will be peace, Ghana will not see any peace and that has been exemplified by the chief Imam of Ghana”, he observed.

Mr. Bamba was however baffled by persons who say, Ghana is not ready for a Muslim president as they are in the minority in the country.

 “So, if someone tells me that Ghana is not ready for a Muslim president, I begin to wonder. What is this about Christians and what is it about Muslims? Are we choosing our leaders based on religion or we are choosing leaders based on competence and ability to deliver the deliverables, I believe strongly and I believe well-meaning Ghanaians believe that the choice of leadership of a country, is dependent on the person’s confidence and ability to deliver.

 “If you go to Senegal, predominantly a Muslim country of 95 per cent, but president Marky Sall is a Christian, he is not a Muslim, Nigeria is predominantly a Muslim community but they have had both Christians and Muslim presidents, why can’t Ghana? 

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