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Legon Stadium in shape to host best African Games – Venue Manager



The University of Ghana stadium venue manager for the African Games, Dr Bella Bello Bitugu says about two or three per cent of work is required before the facility will be fully operational.

Speaking to JoySports, Dr Bitugu, who is also the sports director for the University stated that the facility is one of the best and the school is proud to host the rest of the continent.

“Almost every part of this facility is ready. The VIP, the Rugby pitch, and the lanes have been marked and certification is ongoing, maybe some two-three per cent of the work here to be done.

“We are ready as far as the sporting infrastructure is concerned and we are sure we will have every fully completed by the time the games start,” he said.

Ghana adopted a hybrid approach to the organisation of the games, building sporting facilities in Borteyman and completing the University of Ghana stadium as well as settling on the halls in the school to serve as the games village.

Dr Bello described the decision to use the country’s premier university as a special one.

“As the venue manager for the Legon Stadium, I will call it my baby. It started around 2003,  and I remember stating that I would complete the stadium before I leave, lo and behold, I am completing it.

“That makes it special, that makes it really great. Look at the warm-up track, look at the stadium itself, what do we want again?

“Again, we have seen the light of day. People thought it wouldn’t happen, we were sceptical, where is the money, but we bulldozed through to have this facility.

“We started bit by bit, but we are finally here. It is also special, too, because this is the first time Ghana is hosting the African Games and we are going to have it on the campus of a University, special because it doesn’t usually happen.

“Mega events don’t usually happen on University campuses and special again because it’s the premier university, and special because this is a very determining stage in Ghana so it is special on many counts and we look forward to a very fantastic games,” he stated.

The University of Ghana will host about seven of the 29 sporting disciplines that would be happening during the African Games.

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