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Stonebwoy announces dates for 5th Dimension UK & Europe tour after successful North America tour



Stonebwoy has announced new dates for his upcoming “5th Dimension” tour across Australia, Europe, and the UK.

The new tour dates arrive on the heels of the already successful “5th Dimension” North America tour, which saw the BET award-winning international reggae, dancehall, and afropop artiste headline multiple venues in over 10 cities in the United States of America and Canada, as well as appearances in three international music festivals such as the Bayfront World Reggae and Music Festival in Duluth, the ACDA Emancipation Festival in Guyana, and the City Park Summer Stage festival in New York.

Stonebwoy’s newly announced 10-date tour will take the Ghana-native musician to multiple cities across Europe, the UK, and Australia. The tour will commence in Perth, Australia, on October 1st, with subsequent stops in Brescia, Italy, on October 14th, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on October 15th, and a trio of performances in Berlin, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf, Germany, on October 19th, 20th, and 21st, respectively, before culminating in the UK with consecutive shows in Manchester, Birmingham, and London on October 26th, 27th, and 29th, respectively.

Prior to these sets, Stonebwoy will headline the Promiseland Festival in Australia later this month. On the road, Stonebwoy will perform songs from his extensive catalogue, most notably from the ground-breaking 5th Dimension album, alongside some fan favourites.

Released on April 28th as Stonebwoy’s fifth studio album and his first under Universal Music Group division Def Jam Recordings, ‘5th Dimension’ incorporates Afrobeats, reggae, dancehall, amapiano, folk, and other genres while leaning primarily toward pop-related themes. The album showcases the artist’s evolution and growth, pushing boundaries and delving into uncharted musical territories.

The last eight months have been a whirlwind of activity for Stonebwoy. Known for his relentless work ethic and dedication to his craft, the iconic musician has been juggling multiple projects, collaborations, philanthropic efforts, extensive touring, and personal endeavours, making him one of the most influential and respected musicians in the industry today. He recently left a trail of sold-out shows and euphoric crowds during the North America edition of his “5Th Dimension” tour. With each stop, the tour achieved unprecedented success, with each of his destinations, which include stops in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington, New York and more, witnessing a symphony of musical excellence.

Born Livingstone Satekla, Stonebwoy has maintained a dominant presence in Ghana’s pop scene since 2012. With a rich catalogue of commercially successful tracks, Stonebwoy’s musical prowess frequently blends elements of Afropop, dancehall, and reggae, creating a unique and captivating sound.

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Joe Mettle stages successful Kadosh worship experience in London



Internationally acclaimed gospel musician, Joe Mettle headlined London’s prestigious Dominion Centre for the UK edition of The Kadosh concert, delivering an electrifying and spiritually-charged ministration to a sold-out audience.

This extraordinary event, held on Saturday night, September 9th, was a significant component of the esteemed worship leader’s campaign to promote his latest masterpiece, “The Kadosh” album. It also marked a momentous celebration of the album’s profound spiritual impact to date. Joe Mettle, an illustrious figure in the gospel music realm, has achieved global acclaim for his transcendental vocal prowess and spiritually enriching compositions. His music serves as a unifying bridge, connecting people from diverse backgrounds in worship and praise.

On the night, Joe Mettle took center stage with a radiant smile and an aura of divinity that instantly captivated the audience. He performed a powerful ministration of his chart-topping favorites and spiritually uplifting new music from his groundbreaking project “The Kadosh”. Among the standout performances were moving renditions of “Kadosh,” “Great Jehovah,” “Ye Obua Mi,” and more. Each song, from powerful worship ballads to lively anthems of praise, carried a profound message and purpose. Mettle effortlessly guided the audience on a spiritual odyssey, inviting them to partake in a collective expression of faith.

Prior to Jeo Mettle’s set, attendees were treated to inspirational performances by the star-studded roster of featured artistes, such as Diana Hamilton, Luigi Maclean, Onos Arino, Shekinah, and Tab Worship. These performers performed a wide range of outstanding songs that had a profound spiritual impact on the audience.

Released in 2022 as Joe Mettle’s seventh studio album, “The Kadosh” aims to uplift and inspire Christians worldwide to recognize the Holiness of God, the trustworthy solution to today’s troubled world. The album also proclaims God’s Holiness and lordship over all life’s situations and circumstances.

The album, consisting of 11 tracks, includes songs of meditation like “No Other God” and the contemplative “I Trust In You.” While each song varies in tone, rhythm, and tempo, they all converge on a universal theme: “The Holiness of God.” It serves as a collective reminder of the sanctity of the secret place, the pursuit of purity, and a life filled with gratitude. The album features “Woye Mame,” an Akan lullaby penned by Joe Mettle as he recounts and acknowledges God’s goodness in his life, family, and ministry. It also includes “I Can’t Stop Praising,” featuring the incredible Eben from Nigeria, and “Great Jehovah,” the album’s first single, alongside a collection of other spiritually-charged songs.

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E.L apologizes for asking DJs to stop playing his old songs



Award-winning Ghanaian rapper Elorm Adablah, also known as E.L, has issued an apology for his previous comments where he asked DJs to stop playing his old songs.

He clarified his statements during a radio interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.

E.L explained that his outburst stemmed from frustration. Recalling a radio interview where the host kept focusing on his old music while he was there promoting his new releases.

He admitted that his choice of words may have been harsh and apologized if they were misunderstood.

“It happened because I went on this radio interview and the lady who was interviewing me kept on mentioning the old music when I was trying to promote new music. So that’s what frustrated me and I came out and said you know what, don’t play the old songs again, focus on the new music… So I definitely apologize if it was taken the wrong way, that’s not my intention,” he explained.

He emphasised that his intention was not to disregard his old songs but to encourage fans to embrace his growth as an artist.

E.L expressed the importance of fans recognizing his evolution and embracing the new music he creates.

“I misspoke concerning that. But the point I was trying to make at that time was that sometimes artists, we evolve, we grow. And you want people to really try and understand who you’ve become, what you’ve become, and also love you for what you’ve grown into.

“So when that focus is not given or when that attention is not given to you it gets frustrating because people are looking for the old you but there’s no more old you because you have grown into a new person. So what I was trying to say was that let’s try and grow together because the old songs let them be the old songs,” he explained.

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Wendy Shay is responding to treatment – Bullet



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rufftown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang popularly known as Bullet, has stated that Ghanaian songstress, Wendy Shay is responding to treatment after she was involved in a road accident.

The accident occurred on Saturday, September 9, 2023, at the ACP Kwabenya High Road when a Tipper truck hit the singer’s car from the back, according to reports.

In a press statement available to GhanaWeb, it was mentioned that Wendy Shay is in a stable condition and is expected to recuperate fully in no time.

The said statement, released on Monday, September 11, 2023, and signed by the CEO of Rufftown Records reiterated that there is no cause for alarm regarding Wendy Shay’s situation.

“According to the latest reports, Wendy Shay is in a stable condition and is expected to make full recovery,” portions of the statement read.

They also thanked the general public for the concern shown towards Wendy Shay in these trying times and called on Ghanaians to support the musician in prayers as she continues her recovery.

“Rufftown Records, family, and friends would like to thank everyone for their prayers and for the outpouring of love and support from fans and well-wishers. We will ask for your prayers for Wendy Shay during this time,” an aspect of the statement read.


Award-winning Ghanaian musician, Wendy Shay, was involved in a car accident.

Reporting from the scene, Deputy News Editor of UTV, Prince Obimpeh, said: “Between the ACP Junction and the Kwabenya stretch, you know the road is usually clear at night, and so the cars are usually at top speed, even though there is police presence on the road. A short distance away from the KNUST Accra Campus Junction, coming out of the valley, I saw people gathered around a car. So, I decided to park and see what was happening. Upon checking, I realized a lady was coming out of a car. She had dreadlocked hair just like Wendy Shay.

“So, I said, let me rush and see, and upon getting closer, I saw it was Wendy Shay. The Wrangler she was using has a custom registration, ‘Shay.’ Quickly, I got closer to her and asked her what was happening. She said she can’t talk much, as she’s in severe pain in the head because she hit her head on the dashboard.”

Read the full statement below

We are pleased to announce that Wendy Shay has survived a fatal accident and is currently responding to treatment.

The accident occurred on Sunday, September 10, around 12 midnight at the ACP Kwabenya High Road when a Tipper Truck hit the singer’s car from the back.

According to the latest medical reports, Wendy Shay is in a stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

Rufftown records, family and friends would like to thank everyone for their prayers and for the outpouring of love and support from fans and well-wishers.

We still ask for your prayers for Wendy shay during this time.

Thank you.

Ricky Nana Agyeman

CEO Rufftown Records

Dufftown RECORDS Phone number:0201584877

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