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Insecurity in relationships and how to handle it




Relationships can begin very smoothly and lovely until it gets to a point where one person starts to feel uncertain and not confident about themselves.

This feeling makes one think less of themselves such that they do not feel good enough for their partner.

However, this feeling does not just erupt from nowhere, it is mostly triggered by certain situations or people we have around us or our partners.

CEO of Hearts and Habits Foundation, Amos Kevin Annan speaking on Prime Morning on Thursday, shared common causes of these insecurities and how to handle them when the need be.

According to him, a lot of factors can breed insecurity in relationships:

  1. Differences in personalities.

Sometimes when one party observes that the other is extremely better in certain areas of life such as financial, moral, intellectual and even health wise, it can begin to cultivate a level of inferiority within them. This easily makes them feel their partners would prefer someone else to them and they start feeling insecure.

  • Abuse

Amos mentioned that any form of abuse such as physical, emotional, psychological or even spiritual abuse in relationships can breed insecurities. According to him, some people carry these traumatic experiences from their past relationship into their current relationships with the fear that it might repeat itself.  The moment one party abuses the other, it can dampen their spirit and even shatter their confidence. This eventually leads to insecurity in relationships.

  • Being discreet in a relationship/marriage.

Relationship is about communication and so whenever one party senses that the other is being extremely secretive, it creates suspicion in the other partner which eventually breeds insecurity. It is true that not all information can be shared in a relationship due to professional and confidential reasons, but transparency is also a core value in every relationship.

  • Selfishness

Mr. Annan shared that self-centeredness can lead to insecurity. “Unfortunately many of the conversations I hear about love yourself, it ends up being selfishness, selfishness is never love, its self-perpetuating, it’s you putting yourself above anything else”, he mentioned.

As humans, insecurities are normal to be felt, it only gets toxic when it is not well addressed and doubts are not cleared.

One important way to prevent insecurities in relationship is through constant reassurance.

People love to be appreciated and valued, however when at some point they feel like they do not mean as much to you as they used to, inferiority complex sets in.

Other ways to prevent insecurities in relationships are:

  • Setting and respecting boundaries
  • Having the difficult conversations
  • Building trust
  • Having open communication and creating transparency.

Amos advised that couples must observe and consider each other’s temperament to ensure effective communication.

He also mentioned that in a case of loss of trust, individuals should be reminded that trust cannot be gained overnight. Sometimes it requires a long time, people must learn to heal and forgive their partners and if that requires an amount of time, so should it be.

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10 ways women hurt men knowingly



Men, if you think you’ve got women all figured out, prepare for some surprises. Women are complex beings, and they can be quite unpredictable.

The person you think you know today may not be the same person you see tomorrow; and that’s just the way it is.

Women crave attention, love, and lots of it. They want to feel noticed and appreciated all the time. If you slip up on this even once, then you’re calling for trouble.

While some women may unintentionally do things that hurt their partners, others plan to do so deliberately. They set out to hurt your feelings and disrupt your life.

Here are 10 intentional things women do to hurt their men:

1. Complaining despite an honest effort

One way some women intentionally hurt their men is by complaining when their partners are genuinely making an effort.

This is often done to annoy or provoke a reaction. It may stem from a desire for more attention or a way to assert control within the relationship.

2. Not being present in the present moments

Frequently using a phone or being distracted when on a date is a behaviour that can hurt a man’s feelings.

It communicates a lack of interest or attentiveness, potentially causing emotional pain or frustration.

Some women would rather do this than tell the man she’s not interested.

3. Withholding compliments

Some women refrain from offering compliments even when their partners genuinely deserve them.

This can be a way to undermine a man’s self-esteem or keep him seeking validation, thus asserting a sense of power.

4. Not initiating intimacy

Intentionally avoiding initiating intimacy, especially when aware of their partner’s desires, can be a way to control the emotional dynamics in the relationship.

This may create a sense of longing and frustration in the man.

5. Hiding things, like food

Hiding things, such as food, can be a manipulative tactic used to gain financial advantage.

By creating a situation where the man believes there is scarcity, some women may attempt to extract more money from him.

6. Setting him up for trouble

In some extreme cases, women may resort to involving others, such as authorities or gangs, to harm their partners as a form of punishment or to ‘teach them a lesson.

This action can have severe consequences for all parties involved.

7. Taking everything when separating

A common occurrence, especially in urban settings, is when a woman packs up everything in the house and leaves the home without notice.

This act is often intended to leave the man feeling helpless, confused, and emotionally devastated.

8. Leaving a young child behind

In moments of intense disagreement, some women may leave a very young child, perhaps a month or two old, with their partner.

This act aims to assert control or inflict emotional pain, suggesting that the man needs her more than he thinks.

9. Taking all the children away

Without proper communication, some women may abruptly take all the children and leave, making it difficult for the man to maintain a relationship with his kids.

This action is intended to exert power and control over the situation.

10. Disrespect in front of friends

In the company of friends, some individuals may intentionally disrespect their partners.

This could be a way of seeking validation from friends, gaining support for their perspective, or demonstrating control over the relationship.

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‘Smoking shisha can cause breast cancer’ – Doctor cautions



Popular doctor, Dr. Aproko, has issued precautions to women who are fond of smoking shisha.

Dr. Aproko has stressed that contrary to popular belief that shisha soothes one’s mood, it can have major health implications on individuals, particularly, women.

According to him, the use of Shisha may cause cell distortions in the body, raising the chance of cancer-causing mutations.

He argues that these flavors frequently contain chemicals that are harmful to one’s body.

Tackling other health concerns including obesity, Aproko Doctor also advised that walking is a successful and healthy method of losing weight.

He has asked individuals to walk instead of taking buses or cars because regular, long walks can aid in weight loss.

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#NoBraDay-What is its significance?



October 13th is celebrated annually as National ‘No Bra Day’ in a bid to promote body positivity and breast cancer awareness.

What began as a social media campaign to promote self-love has transformed into a meaningful movement urging women to go braless for the day, emphasising the importance of breast cancer education, self-examination, and preventive measures.

Originally observed on July 9, 2011, National No Bra Day has found its permanent home on October 13 to align with Breast Cancer Month. This observance serves as a reminder for women to prioritize their breast health and engage in conversations about early detection and prevention.

The core mission of No Bra Day is to create awareness surrounding breast cancer, fostering a culture of understanding and support.

Women are encouraged to embrace the day by forgoing bras, sparking conversations about breast health, and advocating for regular self-examinations and screenings.

Breast cancer remains a significant global health concern, and initiatives like National No Bra Day play a crucial role in educating and empowering individuals.

By leveraging the power of social media and community participation, this movement continues to gain traction each year, amplifying its impact on breast cancer awareness.

National No Bra Day collectively contributes to the ongoing dialogue about breast health through shared experiences and open conversations with the aim to break down stigmas, encourage early detection, and support those affected by breast cancer.

Eye witness to any social issue, occurance or any form of information you would like to share, kindly send via Email : or WhatsApp : 0553506856 / 0246319949
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